Learning from dpr mistakes

Travis Biehn tbiehn at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 17:00:59 PST 2015

The feds probably had enough to convict even without his laptops'

But yeah, monitoring the environment is a solid idea, as is CPU <-> RAM
encrypted pipeline.

Internet access is usually the first thing that's cut. (Unless your
attacker knows you use it as a trigger, or maybe possibly thought about
using it as a trigger.)

On Feb 10, 2015 7:28 PM, "David Honig" <dahonig at cox.net> wrote:

> A number of public reviews of DPR's infosec mistakes have been published.
> I think a strong solution to the 'tackled in library' defects would be to
> have:
> 1) program to notice his magic bracelet is not near
> 2) program to notice that vid cam is not a head but a chaotic scene
> #2 is particularly easy without extra hardware (ca. 2015)  You'll have to
> switch it off when you
> visit the loo.
> And of course, things like 'back to wall facing forward' would have been
> helpful.
> Claustophilia is a useful trait.
>  I wish to God these calculations could be done by a
> steam engine,” Babbage complained
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