I Encourage Everyone, Right Here And Now, To Donate Money To His Three Main Security Programs, Which He Uses The Most!

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Mon Feb 9 00:18:45 PST 2015

W dniu 06.02.2015 o 20:19, Cathal Garvey pisze:
> Does Werner have a Gratipay account so I can sign up for monthly
> support? (Or, uh, Patreon)
> Not enough developers of this infrastructure make it *convenient* to
> support their work. And, that may sound mercenary, but it's the reality;
> whether you're selling a product or soliciting donations, if you make it
> hard to buy/donate you'll get nothing.
> So yea, I'll go support Werner, but I'd love to see him make it easier
> to help him develop GPG. Same goes for the rest of 'em; plenty of
> "donate once", which makes you feel like a cheapskate for offering only
> €1, not enough "commit to €1 a month", which is practically a no-brainer.

Very true. Not many projects accept donations in any other way than
paypal, and then it's not reasonable to give less than 10€, because of
fees (and that is way over my donation budget).

As for GnuPG, there is a way to subscribe to monthly payments via Flattr:
(though on the new gpg website this option is no longer listed :-P )

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