REAL-ID Internet Access Coming Soon

rysiek rysiek at
Thu Feb 5 02:11:18 PST 2015

Dnia środa, 4 lutego 2015 22:07:29 grarpamp pisze:
> Do not underestimate the precedence of the Chinese,
> Facebook and the rumblings in the UK/US/etc. Code all
> you want, but unless you start acting now in realworld politics
> to prevent this type of stuff (ID/names, anti-crypto, etc), you
> will very soon be kissing any rights to freedom and self managed
> privacy you now enjoy on the internet goodbye forever.

This. For a million times THIS!

The UK "ban on encryption" is not about banning encrytion, it's about 
criminalizing anybody that does use it to be able to prosecute anybody Teh 
Gummint doesn't like without the hassle of building a real case. Make no 
mistake about it.

> Grabbers gonna grab and you'll be sorry. Don't try to claim people didn't
> warn you (you'll be censored by then anyways).


Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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