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brian carroll electromagnetize at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 19:24:26 PST 2015

Bryan Bishop <kanzure at gmail.com> wrote:

> See also the bobble:
> http://extropians.weidai.com/extropians.3Q97/4356.html

quote: "The reason I bring up cryptography, however, is to show that it IS
possible to defend against adversaries with enormous resources at
comparatively little cost, at least in certain situations. The Singularity
tunneling problem should not be dismissed out of hand as being unsolvable,
but rather deserves to be studied seriously. There is a very realistic
chance that the Singularity may turn out to be undesirable to many of us."

just wanted to share the view that 'the singularity' may be an
ideological concept unless grounded in a model of empirical truth,
whereby 'many worlds' or parallel experiences are actually issues of
relativistic frameworks that are not aligned and instead exist in
different, faulty models of partial- or pseudo-truth, whereas 'the
singularity' would involve annihilating all reigning and ruling
falsehoods via a single integrated model of empirical truth for all
people to function within, thus the non-fiction approach to this idea
as it also involves psychology and awareness and these effecting
computation and softwared reasoning/rationalizations. akin to, in some
sense, the issue of various religions and deities that are competing
and contrasted, versus 'one truth religion' where truth survives and
is the religion. everything aligned with itself and coherent, as
cosmic order. then if someone doesn't get their way or privilege or
status due to grounding part with whole, it would be for the better,
and certainly people will in this way be falsified and not allowed
specious grand beliefs in denial of shared reality and instead this
would be mediated through hypotheses, debate, and evidence, logical
reasoning, and not now today via ideologies, beliefs and opinions
shared by individuals and groups as if reason, which instead functions
as powerful entities that are more powerful, determining events via
their truth, which manages interpretation.

also of note: forgot to simplify about the box. no technology in the
box. start with a pencil and paper, not a personal computer for
crypto, and each step involving the outside or reliance on the outside
introduces vulnerabilities. the more complex, the more can go wrong,
etc. thus the heavy reliance on computational technology itself
becomes the insecurity in the system though also, interaction with
others. the bobble observation prescient in that, in the above comment
about truth, if the tunneling is considered to be happening in a realm
of truth that is beyond external observation, that is effectively
security, even if against a more powerful adversary. which seems to
have been your point, much appreciated.

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