Peter Gutmann pgut001 at
Wed Feb 4 17:30:33 PST 2015

Yaron Greenwald <ygwald at> writes:

>Why is it that everyone here rocks at threat models as long as they get to
>own a computer. Why is it that everyone here can consider everything from if
>a Global Passive Adversary is directly targeting you to if your next door
>neighbor is doing, I dunno, Van-Eck Phreaking or something like that, but
>can't *possibly* consider the use case of "my government can break into any
>computer it wants, and I'm running from netcafe to netcafe, and just need
>them to not be able to find me for the next one or two weeks".

This is why we have cryptography, it provides us with a precise mathematical
framework for debating the implications of various paranoid delusions.  No
matter how the gubmint is trying to get you, there's bound to be some
cryptographic pixie dust of some form that you can sprinkle to help you feel


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