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Wed Feb 4 04:55:07 PST 2015

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> ...
> as another example, this is why referencing even simplified subsets of
> text by a self certifying identifier, like
> afb1e384e450d644703ad96cdfe9f728be509854388687eb65b7c622e2f798a9 ,
> e.g. bigsundaawafn36e.onion/shid/afb/1e3/afb1e384e450d644..5b7c622e2f798a9
> ,
>  or
> http://sunshineeevvocqr.onion/bigsun/raw/afb1e384e450d644..5b7c622e2f798a9
> which is the same paragraph in ascii no matter PDF or Word or HTML
> origin simplified to text paragraph.

this text is:
And I'll go one further. Everything's secret. I mean, I got an e-mail
saying, "Merry Christmas." It carried a Top Secret NSA classification
marking. The easy option is to classify everything. This is an Agency
that for the most of its existence was well served by not having a
public image. When the nation felt its existence was threatened, it
was willing to cut agencies like NSA quite a bit of slack. But as that
threat perception decreases, there is a natural tendency to say, "Now,
tell me again what those guys do?" And, therefore, the absence of a
public image seems to be less useful today than it was 25 years ago. I
don't think we can survive without a public image. (U//FOUO)

is should have included at first, as odd, opaque links without context
a entropy prank.
 [ https://twitter.com/nickm_tor/status/549651166834225153 :P ]

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