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Tue Feb 3 18:04:56 PST 2015

On Wed, Feb 04, 2015 at 12:59:06AM +0100, rysiek wrote:
> Answer B:
> Can you please direct me towards any software that in your opinion does not 
> have a problem with the "host security" part?
> A single example of any program, 
> say any communication program, like IM, VoIP, e-mail client, etc, installable 
> on a chosen operating system.

i can: pond stores the key material in tpm, whether to trust tpm or not is
open for debate. gpg is able to work with smartcards, and qubes has this
split-pgp mode. these are all quite cool approaches to the host security
problem. i think in general it is about compartmentalization of sensitive
material, if possible in external fully controlled hw with very simple
observable interfaces.

> Problem is, people DIE, NOW, because they use Skype. Not because they 

they will they as well if they use the right tools but wrongly. :/

> How about we let stef talk about that himself.

you troll. :)

otr fp:

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