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Sun Feb 1 01:41:12 PST 2015

On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 04:06:13PM -0800, coderman wrote:
> > via use of many ‘conversion’ tools (Calibre comes to mind instantly) or are
> > these embedded organisms a persistent across any automated conversion
> > routine?
> consider a watermark, that resized half, still persists. this is the
> kind of meta leval manipulation of structure you may see in a rich
> document (PDF) that could still persist in some transformations.

there was this laywer in .no who lost his license because he leaked photos of
anders behring brevik to the press. and police watermarked a set of
bait-photos and gave it to the laywers of the families with dead kids. the
press made a photo of the pictures, printed the photo in a test news paper,
took a photo again, and printed that.  so a lot of adc-dac conversions in
betweeen. the size also got significantly smaller. yet the watermark was
clearly identifiable. it turned out later, that this was some kind of
photoshop plugin, which is "primarily for tracking copyright violations"

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