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I encourage you to read this very thought-provoking article on the
"state of the Internet" insofar as security, inclusiveness, and
usability is concerned. Well worth the read.

And also very interesting opinion (apropos?) as to where we are as a
society right now in the evolution of the Internet, a crossroads where
our daily personal & professional lives meet:

"If you think the Internet can go on being just like it is, here's
some bad news."

"...the Internet might soon look less like 1970s New York and more
like 1990s Mogadishu: warring factions destroying the most fundamental
of services, 'security zones' reducing or eliminating free movement,
and security costs making it prohibitive for anyone but the most
well-funded operations to do business without becoming a 'soft target'
for political or economic gain."


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