Encrypted mailing lists and anonymous collaboration

Mike Ingle mike at confidantmail.org
Sat Feb 14 16:10:49 PST 2015

Confidant Mail now has a beta encrypted mailing list feature. It works like
a normal mailing list in that you send a message to the listserv address and
the message is remailed to all the recipients. Unlike regular mailing lists,
access is controlled by public keys, so only a list of approved keys can
send to the list.

The messages are signed by the listserv's key, and by clicking Show Original
you can also check the signature of the original sender. Large file
attachments can be included in mailing list posts.

Confidant Mail can operate through Tor or I2P, so anonymous participants can
take part in a discussion without exposing their real-world identities.

In addition to the mailing list feature, I have added a file server. You can
send attachments to the file server, and they will be saved to a shared
directory. Other users can send get requests to retrieve the files. There is
an access control list, so specific public keys can be granted read-only,
write, or overwrite access.

Using the mailing list and file server, it is easy for a small group to
collaborate on a project while some or all of them remain anonymous. Even
the operator of the listserv can be anonymous behind Tor.

Please email me if you want to help test this out.

Mike Ingle <mike at confidantmail.org> 

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