Hackers CAN Solve Surveillance

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 22:15:58 PST 2015

Hackers can't solve Surveillance?

No, hack*ing* can't solve surveillance. Hacking is a bandaid that
carries no political or legal weight whatsoever. All of it can be
brushed aside with the simple stroke of a pen.

Yet hack*ers* CAN solve surveillance.
However currently, they simply are not doing anything useful there.

Here's some examples of what hackers are doing in just the news
from today...

They're giggity about features...
Trying to get hired at companies that have questionable loyalties to
their users...
Putting the wrong spin on their own inventions...
And masturbating over version numbers as usual...


Since hackers weren't speaking up as to what they wanted politically
and steering the decisions there, Corp and Gov tired of waiting for
their leadership and decided to come up with their own plans in the
Nations are now asking them for their "papers please"...
Figuring out more ways to collect and share your privates and rape
your devices...
And the whole world is conspiring to royally fuck them and their ideas...

Today's freedom score is, ZERO for you, and FOUR for them.

Hackers among you... hacking is NOT just about what comes out of
your keyboard while heads down staring at it. It is, and now must
be, more about what comes out of your mouth while standing up in
the political arena.

Code is a byproduct of and requires the freedom to write and use it.
Those freedoms are being ripped out from under you while you sleep
off your last all night coding session.
It's time to wake up and get out from behind your keyboards.
No one is going to do it for you.

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