Russians--including BU CompSci Professor--Propose Limiting Access to Tor & Anonymizers

Andrew kyboren at
Fri Feb 13 16:59:20 PST 2015

Summary: Leonid Levin, notable professor at Boston University, who
themselves run a heavily-trafficked Tor exit node, attacks Tor and
supports state control of information.

English translation:
> Leonid Levin: "we should pay attention" to the question about
pre-trial[?] blocking of anonymizers and ways to access anonymizing
networks such as Tor.
> The committee chair of the State Duma (parliament) on Information
Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, Leonid Levin,
suggested to consider the question about limiting access to the Tor
anonymizer internet-network. He said it during "Infoforum2015".
> By his words, this restriction would allow not only limiting access
via anonymizing networks to information forbidden for distribution, but
also would "extend the potential" for counteraction to the distribution
of malicious programs. Besides, that would prevent illegal access to
[hacking of?] computer information.
> At the same time Levin believes that the system of information control
in the country "leaves much to be desired". He explains that
"International tension, technologization and internalization of
delinquency[?] make us put serious additional funds into military forces
and law enforcement agencies. This is completely logical and justified,
but for some reason the system of information control is [not in this
series/not like this] yet."
> Levin mentioned that while Roscomnadzor (Federal Service for
Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass
Communications) is successfully solving problems within its
powers/limits, "it is obvious that it lacks people (staff units) and


Summary: Denis Davydov, Executive Director of the "League of Safe
Internet" attacks Tor and its use in leading 'political struggle'

English translation:
> #anonymizers #tor #leagueOfSafeInternet
> In continuation of the theme of anonymizers
> League of Safe Internet: "Anonymous networks are used primarily to
commit crimes"
> "We strongly support the idea of limiting Russia's access to anonymous
networks, including Tor. "Invisible" Internet has made it possible for
criminals of all stripes to hide their intentions from the state and use
it to commit crimes: to acquire drugs and weapons, to distribute child
pornography, to trade in human beings, including sex slaves, and to lead
a political struggle. Do not forget that Tor is an American development
and is used as well by the US intelligence agencies to expand the
hegemony of the United States all around the world: agents and
collaborators of the US State Department are engaged in illegal
activities against countries while remaining anonymous to the
authorities of that country.
> This is a very serious problem and it is bad that our government
distanced itself from it and does not deal with it.
> I am convinced that the restriction on the use of anonymous networks
will have a positive impact on us in every sense, will increase the
trust of users to the network [Internet], and people will use it more
actively and openly. This will lead to a specific economic effect and
benefit to the state,"- the Executive Director of the League of Safe
Internet Denis Davydov.

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