Military porn (in words)

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> ​​
> 2015-12-25 1:54 GMT+02:00 Tomas Overdrive Petru <tpetru at>:
> I was ever interested why Russia tend to support other side. Again and
> again and again.
> That is something I'm thinking for years.
> Whenever some dictatorship with idea to persecute singing and dancing
> occur around the globe, Russia is there to help.
> Question is and was: why? [as usual].
> IMHO it is just cynical point of view of rocket businessman nobody wants
> to buy from and political reasons are at 2nd place, but its possible I'm
> wrong.
> In my country Russia tend do do whatever possible to get to power again,
> and fact is, that "ostalgia" is helping them, IMHO interim state of mind
> of my fellow citizens but imho dangerous too.
> So fuck this unclear propaganda and not really technical and hacker-like
> propaganda blog, or whatever it was. But as written in Clash of nations
> Russia is and will be here and I agree we should care. They are almost
> worse totality than China and luckily not even half of China power.
> I have some friends there who are under heavy pressure already. So it is
> good to know we are not working and talking against some NSA or so, but
> we are working and talking against gov that is willing to kill you if
> you are LGBT or from Chechnya.
> So fuck gov still apply, but again we are trying to kick bear to the ass.
> So come on punk, gimme the fight ;]

The Anglo-Saxons are really happy to read all this bullshit they themselves
made up about Russia. "Your" thoughts are full of false stamps, lies and
slander over Russia.

And with this kind of slave is really impossible to discuss anything. He
never questions any of his smart ideas. He "knows" and he is "sure" for
1000% in anything he thinks and writes and hears about Russia.

Well, you are just another "punk​" of the Western-pseudo-mass-media
propaganda machine.

So come on punk, gimme the fight ;]
 Keep on fighting for your masters (even not knowing about them).

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