CDNs - was WhatsApp blocked by Brazil momentarily

juan juan.g71 at
Thu Dec 24 10:36:43 PST 2015

On Thu, 24 Dec 2015 16:00:50 +0000
oshwm <oshwm at> wrote:

> CDN is poison for privacy.

	What we need is a 'CDN' run by the people for the people. And
	of course that means a CDN run and operated by the government. 

	After all, in the liberal  democracies of the free world, the
	people have full control of the government.

	Only government brings true freedom. Just ask any philospher,
	like richard stallman. Real freedom means that you are free to
	obey the government, and if you don't obey, the government 
	will freely  fine you, jail you, and even muder you on the spot
	if you resist the 'authority' of cops. The government has the
	freedom to murder anyone who doesn't obey.

> On 23/12/15 23:03, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> > I think the best way to avoid censorship is to use DNScrypt and a
> > major CDN.

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