[cryptome] Re: TheCthulhu / CthulhuSec to Cryptome

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Mon Dec 21 14:02:10 PST 2015

On 12/21/15, Michael Best <themikebest at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Just call it "TheCthulhu Archive," or something other than Cryptome, then
>> good to go.
> That seems silly. No one's going to confuse it with the original,


And you've especially highlighted one of John's points - you name your
mirror "cryptome" and you're a) showing severe disrespect, b)
deceiving others who don't know, c) violating the goodwill associated
with Cryptome and John.

I just wish such things were so obvious they did not need to be spelled out.

> which is
> why you don't need to rename the files you post on your site.

WTF?! Do you hear what you're saying?

> You don't need
> to call them "Cryptome's Nicholas Merrill v. FBI NSL History/Fee Request"
> and it's obviously TheCthulhu. Unlike the WikiLeaks mirror it doesn't even
> look like Cryptome.

John, thank you for your previous email reminding us there are higher
standards we just might wish to hold ourselves to, and your genuine
acceptance of others as they are - it's so easy to be otherwise
blinded. I'm sure my true colours show as much as Michael and others
too, and it's embarrassing how often I get picked up off the floor and
dusted off.

Perhaps wikileaks ought have just posted a hash sum file to "ensure verity".

John, you evidently have great strength of resolve and fortitude of
spirit, since what it must have taken to start and keep Cryptome going
"pre-wikileaks" - wikileaks created some submission secrecy,
clandestine facility, making it feel easier to leak, less stressful at
leak time (notwithstanding little improvement in real protection of
big leakers like Manning, so could be called deceiving in that sense).

Your courage in doing what you saw must be done, in public, in spite
of lack of 'privacy', in spite of exposure. So many today use a nom/
nim and think they're being secretive or elite, 'publicly discussing
freedom and liberty from the State', but hiding from who? The 5 eyes,
9 eyes, 100 eyes get their target in general. Benefits?

Common sense aint so common.

>> A dual hat locution worthy of ever-duplicitous cryptology.
> What?

You had to read the prior sentence. It's nothing much really, just
patting someone condescendingly on the head as a prelude to gently
inserting a knife. That sort of genre. Unless I'm wildly off base...

John, my regards and respect,

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