[cryptome] TheCthulhu / CthulhuSec to Cryptome

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Sun Dec 20 21:06:42 PST 2015

Just call it "TheCthulhu Archive," or something other than Cryptome, 
then good to go.

Make many archives, many are being made, many more needed. All start by
and are sustained by thieving, like Wayback's, Google's, WikiLeak's, 
Manning's, CIA's, NSA's, In-Q-Tel's, LoC's, Cryptome's.

Mirrors, torrents, copies, siphoning, are tampering, rip-offs, fake 
goods. A long
tradition of that banditry. Note the offerings of this list, most of 
the Internet, all
of education, religion, law, the media.

"Respected repository of information," oh my, what a false honor presaging
a spit in eye. A dual hat locution worthy of ever-duplicitous cryptology.

Claims of authenticity, anonymity, updates, are pickpocketing, shysterism,
verily spy trade, inevitable tampering, cheating, deceiving.

, NSA's, At 09:53 PM 12/20/2015, you wrote:
>On 12/21/15, Shelley <shelley at misanthropia.org> wrote:
> > Cryptome is, or was for a very long time, a respected repository of
> > information.  It'd be perfectly understandable if you're ready to hang it
> > up, just please do it soon before you run it off the rails.  Please pass it
>git (bare repo)
>with hidden server (tor, i2p) mirrors
>would enable distributed, anonymous, incremental, updates to the
>repository to be published easily

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