The USA Fake Of The Moon Landings

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Александр wrote:
>     > It is not fake. We've got reflectors on the moon. We've got
>     Lunar Laser Ranging experiment
>     >
> oh... this mainstream argument is so expected. wau.
> The Wikipedia & USFake Nasa are the most reliable resources on earth,
> aren't they?

No... but they're UNDOUBTEDLY more reliable then your sources.

Elective readings:

> *Those retro-reflectors were planted on the Moon by HUMAN BEINGS and
> they couldn't be planted by a moon-walker robot (like the Russians did
> before Apollo program)?...*
> right.

If you think a'moon-walker robot' could move something that size, go
ahead, true believer

> And in the meantime, think about the following logical question:
> Why is it that today (almost 50 years AFTER the moon fairy tale), the
> Americans buy Russian engines in order to deliver their rockets into
> cosmic orbit? Where are the pooower engines of the "grand" Apollo
> program? There are no such. *Then on which engines Americans flew to
> the moon 50 years ago?* This technology was "lost" or stolen by the
> "bloody soviet agents"... or maybe it has never been existed like
> their human landings?!

That's NOT a 'logical question'. That's a leading question containing a
> Moreover, there is very basic question like:
> Where is the solid evidence that these retro-reflectors are indeed
> American and not... Russian? The Russians sent to the moon several
> moonwalkers "Lunokhod" who left there a similar technique before the
> Americans mission began in the mid-60s.
> Also, we can question the whole Apollo program and not only the human
> landings - not only on which engines Americans flew to the moon, but
> what happened to the "hundreds" of kg of lunar soil, allegedly brought
> to earth by the the Apollo expeditions? We want them to give, let's
> say, 10 kg to an INTERNATIONAL (not USfake) scientific organization
> with Russian and Chinese scientists who will investigate it (oh,
> sorry, it's too secret and maybe too altruistic for the "God's chosen
> nation" which cares about the welfare of the whole world).
> And most of all, as i already said:
> *Where is the solid evidence that these retro-reflectors were
> delivered personally by HUMAN astronauts to the moon, and not by
> moonwalker as was done by the Russians years before the fake Apollo
> program?*

Dast I say... "The 'solid evidence' is up your ass and your asshole's so
big you can't tell it's there"?

The rest below is just as idiotic, full of speculation, and not worth
responding to.


"You might want to ask an expert about that - I just fiddled around
with mine until it worked..."

> *
> Тhere are no material, univocal and NON-american evidences for already
> over half a century.
> And the rest - is policy and propaganda. Very dirty. Like the fake
> tube that Colin Powell shook***in the UN* before the invasion to Iraq.*
> ______
> As my friend said "this moon folklore is too dear to their hearts",
> is'nt it?
> Well, it is not "more dear" than the folklore of the communist
> threat/Vietnam/Bosnia/Iraq/ 9-11/the bloody Putin. And the best of all
> is the folklore that "we are the chosen (by whom?!) leaders of the
> earth, => thus only we are the good guys and everyone else, who is not
> our economic slave, is BAD => and should be destroyed "for the sake of
> the world".
> *Question everything that has ever been done by all USA officials
> (especially the last 80 years). At least 90% of all their words and
> actions are lies, provocations and deceitful propaganda. There has
> never been in the human history such a rotten and vile government &
> ruling elite as it is in the USA (as a consequence, weak and deceived
> nation).*
> Those moon fake landings are just the edge of the iceberg.
> "He who has ears, let him hear"
> .

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