The USA Fake Of The Moon Landings

Emanuel emanuel at
Sun Dec 20 02:35:44 PST 2015

Sorry, you've failed - because you discuss a science-topic about moon 
landing 50 years ago on a mailinglist like this. Why you don't talk with 
russian, european, japanese, american space-scientists directly (write a 
mail or call them) or at specific mailinglists (there are a lot of them, 
from NASA, ESA, FKA and so on) with these kind of topics and discuss 
there more specific - with more facts and more background?

For your personal information: I know, that america, syria, irak and so 
on is based on "lies" and it's a game of strategic, political targets. 
Nothing new, we all know that. I'm a europan and not a friend of 
americans. And for your suprise, I'm more on the east side (which means 
part of europe and russia opinion). But it doesn't matter for this case. 
You discuss a specific topic - and thousands of people have discussed 
about it since decades on IRC-Channels, BBS, Chats and so on. Youtube is 
exploding of "facts & secrets"-videos, there are thousand blogs with 
this specific case, there are hundreds of books about it.

Everything is shapping the present and the future. World War I, II, 30 
year war, Vietnam, Iraq, Falkland, Syria today and so on. Snowden. 
Facebook. Twitter. RT. BBC.

But to "create" a new shape or a "real, correct view" here with this 
kind of discussion is pointless. To proof, that something was~is a fake, 
you need "facts" today. And not talks about about how bad a country or 
their people are and that's the reason, it must be a lie - because 
that's not the answer for a change in the world.

Give us or me ----- new ------ facts, which are really new. All of the 
discussion in the last years, point to the same videos, pages, books and 
so on and again and again showing the same stuff, which was discussed 
before... without new results. So it halted.

Example: We all knew, that there was mass-surveillance. Nothing new 
since years and their were endless discussions and fights about this 
topic. But then people like snowden or other ones show NEW, hard facts, 
new documents, new photos, new protocols, new accounts - stuff, that 
wasn't available before. THAT is something, that change(d) views and 
shapes of the future. Or stuff like that with the catalog and a story 
about it: 
This is something, we can use to work with it. \o/

But I can't see any of these things here at this topic.

If you REALLY want to find out, what was happend a decade before, you 
won't use your time to discuss popular opinions from the web, videos and 
books in this list... instead you will contact people from this time, 
members of the NASA, scientists, companies, journalists, study this 
science and so on to find new findings, secrets or opinions, tracks and 
tales. After that you will create new documents, work on them, collect 
more facts, proof everything and together with other people or 
journalists - and THEN present them to us and the news-media worldwide. 
And THIS WILL change shapes of the past, present and future, opinions 
and the world itself.

But not with an discussion nr. 238290 about a window and a camera-shoot, 
based on the same old 1-2 shoots with the same results and the same 
opinions at the end.

My friend: "You missed the whole CORE point."
No, I've HIT the whole core point. Everybody can talk. Everybody can 
tell stories. Everybody can discuss. True stories or fakes. There is no 
art or secret behind that. But hard facts are the really power of these 
world today. Documents, records, videos or people, who were working 
their and give new, testable informations. Everything else is playing in 
the sandpit... and this is more and more "modern" in mailinglists these 
days, which is sad, because it won't help to correct things in this 
world. :/

I'm not educated enough to create my own sonde~satellite for the space 
or to land on the moon to proof everything. So I don't talk about facts, 
that I can't test or change their results. And I know that americans, 
europeans and also russia and other politics, intelligence services and 
so on talking bullshit most of the time. But this knowlege change only 
opinions, not facts. And that's the problem and whole point here.

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