The USA Fake Of The Moon Landings

Emanuel emanuel at
Sun Dec 20 00:17:53 PST 2015

To be honest... is it still interesting, if the first (...) moon landing 
was real or not?

I don't think so. Today we have Rosetta (Pluto), the Pathfinder-program 
(Mars) and many more projects running and in March 2016 there will start 
new ones... one from the NASA and one collaborative project from the EU 
& Russia Space-Program.

It doesn't matter, what was real and not in the 50s, 60s ~ 70s...?! We 
are here in 2015 and now Europe, Russia, China, India, Japan, Brazil and 
also America have their own explorer-programs and~or cooperate. They use 
the engines of the other countries (most of the time to safe money, 
because most of the times they underfunded), use also the technology of 
their neighbours, have contracts and investments, using the same start & 
landing-platforms, they track the satellites of and for other countries 
and so on... and we have other (~private) commercial projects~companies 
like SpaceX or Blue Origin.

And today you can hang on on their twitter-channels and watch 
live-video-transfers, can take a look at their raw-images in databases 
and can use own tracker-software-tools on your computer or telescope.

Today also american, european and russian people are visiting the 
International Space Station ~ ISS and work there together, share the 
stations on the earth and sure - every country has also their own, 
"secret program and projects". But what we can see today, is most of the 
time verifiable, because all big nations watching the "sky" and have 
also the technology for it to proof cases.

It is pointless to talk about the old 60s & 70s (and so on), because at 
this time most of the "successes" of american, russian, japanese or 
chinese trials where shown in the newsmedia as success and no country 
was telling the full truth about all failures and so on. It was a time, 
when we had the cold war and other strategic "problems" and everybody 
want to show is strongness. This means america, russia, china, europe, 
australia or japan. It doesn't matter - nobody was telling the full 
truth about all projects and events.

Today it will be still the same, but we have more independent stations, 
also scientists, who grew up in an other country like japan, but studied 
in the US and now working in europe at the ESA. Or americans who work 
for the india space program and also russia people working in america or 
brazil. The time has changed and knowledge is shared (or will be shared, 
independent if it's allowed or not).

So what is important, is what happens NOW, TODAY and TOMORROW on the 
moon, mars, pluto, sun, venus, jupiter and so one - because there are a 
lot of interesting stuff happen these days.

And this is my opinion as european. It's boring to read every few month 
a discussion about something, that happend decades before - without any 
result or target in the discussions, expect just to say "You lie, you 
wrong, I know it better, it wasn't the truth ~ or the truth". Use the 
energy for interesting stuff. Todays explorer-projects or recent stuff 
like syria and so on. But not for old, blurred images 50~ years ago.

That's just pointless.

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