Death Challenge Foundation and The Death Dive - Jump From Stratosphere With No Spacesuit

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Dec 19 22:57:37 PST 2015

> I've always understood cypherpunk to be about freedom and anarchy (or at
> least, libertarianism) through cryptography. But incoherent raving has
> always been a core aspect of this list, so what the fuck.

Nothing ontopic about some random stunt, not even an activist stunt.
Million stunts a month, none ontopic, get your fix on tv.
Now if dude was going to parachute down trailing a
banner and blowing a constant stream of shredded tinfoil hat and
recycled hard drives out his ass like a unicorn rainbow and land
on top of NSA Meade... now THAT would be an ontopic stunt ;)

As before, only thing on topic is the effective collective
death pool to get people to execute these stunts.
Doesn't seem people read artical that deep though,
were too busy calculating oxygen.

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