The USA Fake Of The Moon Landings

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>> Don't cherrypick my writings dick.
> 	I didn't cherrypick anything. I merely highlighted what you
> 	said. Feel free to call people who challenge any official story
> 	nutjobs, but don't expect much sympathy from me...

This is 'highhlighting'... Notice the rest of what you said below...

> ps: your message came from razer at riseup, not rayzer at riseup. I replied
> (automatically) to razer@ and the reply bounced...
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Now here's the rest of what I said:

> One of the things my dad bequeathed me was an Omega "Moon Watch"... at
> least that's the way Omega advertised them. What was unique about the
> one I had vs the advertised store variety was the fact that it was an
> old fashioned wind-up, as opposed to the retail version, a self-winder.
> Why the difference? As my dad put it "We didn't know if a self-winder
> would work in zero-gravity", and they weren't willing to take the risk.
> If the moon landing was a hoax, it was such an intricate one it would
> have cost more to execute then actually landing someone on the moon.

"You might want to ask an expert about that - I just fiddled around with
mine until it worked..."

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