The USA Fake Of The Moon Landings

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Fri Dec 18 01:25:48 PST 2015

Cynicism, or let me say more accurately 'cynical humor' - is the last
resort for human beings who.... try to escape from the Truth.
Self-deception i would call it. Self-deception with smiley :)

Keep on doing a great job, rysiek.

2015-12-18 11:02 GMT+02:00 rysiek <rysiek at>:

> Dnia piątek, 18 grudnia 2015 00:45:15 David I. Emery pisze:
> >       And if it isn't obvious, not only did private hams follow radio
> > signals from these missions, but so did various professional
> > intelligence and radio (and optical) astronomy sites, some with
> > substantial dish antennas and sophisticated gear. Many of these folks
> > (some obviously not friendly to the USA) would have to have been very
> > well fooled - or in on the game - not to have called our bluff.
> But don't you understand -- they're all REPTILIANS! Shape-shifting
> reptilians!
> They're in cahoots to kill and eat us, and steal our precious precious
> gold!
> That's why the governments cooperate even though it would seem they should
> not. That's why BitCoin happened -- it wasn't "Satoshi", it was R&D
> (Reptilianism and Discordia) labs of cooperating governments, creating a
> shiny
> gimmick to take over as value store from gold, so that they could steal it
> all! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!1!
> They are spraying us with chemtrails, they are stupifying us with adding
> fluorine to water, they are using mind control rays on us -- they call it
> "radio links", "WiFi" (WIreless FluorIde!), "bluetooth" (obvious link to
> fluoride and teeth, putting that poison in our children's mouths is not
> enough
> anymore), "streetlights"! Why is there push for the new, more complicated
> lightbulbs? MIND CONTROL, that's why. My wolfram filament works just fine,
> thak you very much! Go, look it up![1]
> The "global warming" stuff? All bollocks, a way to make us suffer, a way to
> keep us from building an intergalactic fleet that could defend us from MORE
> While we're taking about Obama (if that is his real name!), notice how they
> changed the name of where the military is housed? BARRACKS! That's a level
> of
> self-agrandeurising! FIRST STEP FOR DICTATORSHIP! Along with "Obamacare"
> (notice a naming pattern?), which is there to put even MORE fluride in
> everything!
> Want proof that Putin is in there by the way? Easy -- he was trying to be
> tough on "crime", and guess what happened aroud Sevastopol. ONLY A
> WOULD MAKE SUCH A DUMB MISTAKE! Vladimir Reptilianovich!
> Y O U   C A N ' T   P R O V E   I T ' S   N O T   S O ! ! !
> And the only thing stopping them is Zenaan and Juan, and Александр! Oh, how
> lucky we are that the Three Musketeers of the Reptilian Revolution are all
> on
> this list! And they are TRYING to help you see the light! Why don't you see
> the light?
> Now we just need a D'Artagnan, and the POEPHECY[2] will COME TRUE about the
> four that bring balance back to the Internets. Cari, I am looking at you!
> We
> need a First Nations D'Artagnan, as judging by the names the Indian,
> Spanish,
> and Russian speaking parts of the world are covered by The Three.
> [1]
> [2]
> /pasting shortened URLs so that ADMINS of this LIST won't CENSOR!!1!/
> --
> Pozdrawiam,
> Michał "rysiek" Woźniak
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