The USA Fake Of The Moon Landings

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Fri Dec 18 01:02:51 PST 2015

Dnia piątek, 18 grudnia 2015 00:45:15 David I. Emery pisze:
> 	And if it isn't obvious, not only did private hams follow radio
> signals from these missions, but so did various professional
> intelligence and radio (and optical) astronomy sites, some with
> substantial dish antennas and sophisticated gear. Many of these folks
> (some obviously not friendly to the USA) would have to have been very
> well fooled - or in on the game - not to have called our bluff.

But don't you understand -- they're all REPTILIANS! Shape-shifting reptilians! 
They're in cahoots to kill and eat us, and steal our precious precious gold!

That's why the governments cooperate even though it would seem they should 
not. That's why BitCoin happened -- it wasn't "Satoshi", it was R&D 
(Reptilianism and Discordia) labs of cooperating governments, creating a shiny 
gimmick to take over as value store from gold, so that they could steal it 

They are spraying us with chemtrails, they are stupifying us with adding 
fluorine to water, they are using mind control rays on us -- they call it 
"radio links", "WiFi" (WIreless FluorIde!), "bluetooth" (obvious link to 
fluoride and teeth, putting that poison in our children's mouths is not enough 
anymore), "streetlights"! Why is there push for the new, more complicated 
lightbulbs? MIND CONTROL, that's why. My wolfram filament works just fine, 
thak you very much! Go, look it up![1]

The "global warming" stuff? All bollocks, a way to make us suffer, a way to 
keep us from building an intergalactic fleet that could defend us from MORE 

While we're taking about Obama (if that is his real name!), notice how they 
changed the name of where the military is housed? BARRACKS! That's a level of 
self-agrandeurising! FIRST STEP FOR DICTATORSHIP! Along with "Obamacare" 
(notice a naming pattern?), which is there to put even MORE fluride in 

Want proof that Putin is in there by the way? Easy -- he was trying to be 
tough on "crime", and guess what happened aroud Sevastopol. ONLY A REPTILIAN 
WOULD MAKE SUCH A DUMB MISTAKE! Vladimir Reptilianovich!

Y O U   C A N ' T   P R O V E   I T ' S   N O T   S O ! ! !

And the only thing stopping them is Zenaan and Juan, and Александр! Oh, how 
lucky we are that the Three Musketeers of the Reptilian Revolution are all on 
this list! And they are TRYING to help you see the light! Why don't you see 
the light?

Now we just need a D'Artagnan, and the POEPHECY[2] will COME TRUE about the 
four that bring balance back to the Internets. Cari, I am looking at you! We 
need a First Nations D'Artagnan, as judging by the names the Indian, Spanish, 
and Russian speaking parts of the world are covered by The Three.


/pasting shortened URLs so that ADMINS of this LIST won't CENSOR!!1!/

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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