Death Challenge Foundation and The Death Dive - Jump From Stratosphere With No Spacesuit

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu Dec 17 12:37:25 PST 2015

It might not be traditional politics, but what is "punk"? This guy
seems pretty punk if you ask me. Perhaps it's just a cynical money
making exercise, yet even if so, it certainly in my mind has a "punk
like shock value" - and the message makes sense to me, how can we let
a million people a year die from unclean water?

May be we should abide the Rosicrucians and exterminate the last 6.5
billion people, as they so publicly proclaim to be their goal - then
such a cynical money making exercise would not be needed, do you
think? :

I agree with your other volcanic email, and sent you an offlist
acknowledgement and intention to be more mindful (FWIW, I apologize
for my lack of mindfulness that that post evidences). But not this
one. To me this skydiving 'event' speaks to who we are as humans on
this planet. And who do we want to be. I think it's potentially a very
bad and rather shocking precedent - one man holding the rest of
humanity to ransom, cynical monetizing of human death in a way which
'the average consumer' might actually take notice of, confronting fat
couch sitting Westerners on their indifference (or lack of awareness)
to at least one of the 'problems' in the world...

Once again, if there has to be a "cypher" element to every post, or
specifically "political anarchy", so be it - it is, and has always
been, my intention to respect the foundation intentions for this list.
I've said that before. Let's be clear on what that is and as I said
implied to you offlist, then public spectacles don't need to be made
of a conscientious individual.


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