US Pres. Cand. Carly Fiorina Comes Out Against Crypto and Privacy

Rayzer Rayzer at
Tue Dec 15 21:33:52 PST 2015

Carly Fiorna said:
> “Number one, I would retaliate against China and Russia. They have
> hacked into some of our most sensitive systems and we haven’t done
> much about it,” she said, vowing, “I would retaliate.”

I still think the China attack trope is BS. Try US botnets installed on
Chinese computers that not only make it look like China is attacking but
glean the data obtained for US intel agencies.

Ditto Russia, although I don't see that Russia is even being pegged as a
big cyber-attacker.

I DO BELIEVE they hack to extract data about the US government from .gov
and .mil addresses but if there are malicious attacks they're in the
Anonymous league of things... Unlike the attack on Protonmail a while
back which started with a criminal attack followed by a MASSIVE attack
that only a government with major capabilities could do.

Not seen anything like that directed against US government servers, nor
do I believe the Chnese/Russian government is particularly interested in
US government employee info or our credit card numbers.


"You might want to ask an expert about that - I just fiddled around
with mine until it worked..."

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