The USA Fake Of The Moon Landings

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> >Example:  No dust on the faceplate in a very famous photo of an
> >astronaut on the moon.  This widely distributed "proof" of a moon
> >landing hoax falls flat when placed in its native context:  The
> >propaganda extravaganza around the Apollo program produced and
> >published /lots/ of high quality graphics.  Time Magazine used all
> >the photos they really liked, without referencing which were taken
> >in training environments vs. on the Moon OR hesitating to
> >extensively retouch the "real" pictures for maximum artistic quality
> One ostensible 'disproof' of the moon landing was the claim that the
> video camera didn't show any stars in the moon's sky.  However, the
> scenery seen in those shots (lunar soil; equipment; astronauts) was
> extremely bright, somewhat like a beach in full sunlight.  The
> contrast ratios of (non-silicon) video pickup tubes

	I think the objection is that the stars are missing on ordinary
	pictures shot using ordinary (super amazing military grade)

> in that era were
> not wide, meaning that any star in the sky (other than the sun)
> couldn't be visible AND show the backgrounds too. Jim Bell

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