Assange believes too late for any pervasive privacy

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Dec 13 20:48:57 PST 2015

On Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 11:54 AM, Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:
> Old Farts have major problems wrapping their heads around the
> concept that a world where privacy is shrinking fast and expected
> to nearly disappear is a Good Thing.  People who grew up with the
> Interet, not so much.

Probably because Old Farts lived a conscious period of years where
the only remote connection to any other human being was via voice
telephone or snail mail, and even then it was between family
and business situations, not amongst masses of new randoms.
They were, and knew, the mechanisms and value of real in-person
humanity and its associated lines. It was only in the 1990's that
masses of people began to encounter the internet hands on, mostly
at school.  Such that anyone today under 30 years old
did not have any non internet period of conscious.  They
therefore have no basis on which to evaluate the huge shift they
were born into and the ongoing change being foisted upon them.

Surveillance, databasing, DNA, drones, lack of privacy, etc... all
being dropped upon humans in under 30 years... is going to have
massive impact upon the evolutionary biological nature of humans and
humanity that we simply cannot comprehend, predict, or control...
some of it will be good. But as when someone jams a camera in your
face... these types of things are biological stressors... which are
generally bad, even if and after the pressure is removed.

Old Farts know and lived history, some literally before the
transistor... and they are perfectly well capable of telling you
exactly what's goin on. Only question is, are you brave enough to
ask, to behold, to comprehend the answer... and what are you going
to do with what they tell you?

Some of them are probably on youtube talking or being interviewed
about it... both good and bad.

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