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On 09.12.15 23:14, Rayzer wrote:
> The problem with the "Sharing Economy" is that it only shares with other
> people involved in that 'economy' and excludes others. That's feudal,
> and Feudalist sharing is NOT sharing for the benefit of a whole
> community. It's sharing for the benefit of a few.
Something feels here like sand in cogwheel... so what? So we have
invented we can share our resources, which is positive from social side
same as from ecological.
Now we should decide if to kill whole idea for everybody, or just create
new market, where you can fight to win?
Where is bonus of NOT to allow sharing of cars as business?
I have been in some countries where no such thing as public transport
does really exists and this model is there on voluntary and kapitalistic
basic for years and why not.
In our country to get cab, like one from that approved companies is
usually ... stupid. They will rob you, they will dictate their rules,
what you can and what you can't. It is closed market without any
progress for years.
I do expect argument, that legal taxi at least pay taxes and some social
security and all that. You can be sure, they know town or city and they
know how to drive.
Hmm. OK, one correct thing is, that they are doing special driving
license to be allowed to drive cab. That is all.
Price is 40% higher than Uber, service is usually much worse and even
Prague as city is not able to get a rid of this taxi mafia. Czech people
do not need taxi, because we can easily get a bus, tram, trolleybus,
train ... wherever we want, so they are just robbing tourists. Uber and
simillar services can just easily kill this sh*t by just creating free
market possibility.

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