Assange believes too late for any pervasive privacy

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Fri Dec 11 11:39:49 PST 2015

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Zenaan Harkness <zen at> wrote:

> Feels like a sell out. I suspect he feels he's being pragmatic.

> Privacy is among values “that simply are unsustainable… in the face of
> the reality of technological change; the reality of the deep state
> with a military-industrial complex and the reality of Islamic
> terrorism, which is legitimizing that sector in a way that it’s
> behaving,” he stressed.

	Some notes : 

	RT is a propaganda organization working for the russian state.
	However, their 'anti western' propaganda isn't ordinary
	propaganda because what they say (about 'the west') is usually 
	true. RT propaganda takes the form of libertarian criticism
	(with the caveat of course that it's directed against 'western'
	states...never against the russian state)

	I haven't checked the whole interview, but going by the above
	quote, Assange seems to be forgetting his libertarian (or civil
	libertarian, whatever) leaning and instead  parroting the
	pentagon/kremlin line on 'islamic terrorism'. 

	But in reality, "the reality of Islamic terrorism,"  is close to
	the reality of the bogeyman.

	Considering the extent of western crimes and imperialism, there
	should be a lot more 'terrorism' coming from the victims. Oddly
	enough, there isn't. So one can either believe that captain
	americunt is saving the universe...or else, the terrorist don't
	really exist. Except of course as false flag ops.

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