Assange believes too late for any pervasive privacy

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>  The
> disadvantages of a world with little or no privacy are
> counterbalanced by significant advantages that are inherent in a
> world of "networked everything."

	...such as? 

> The Panopticon is a prison where the guards can watch the inmates
> but the inmates can not watch the guards.  The Internet is a
> prison where the inmates can watch each other, 

	Last time I checked, the 'internet' is a bunch of servers
	controlled by google and the pentagon and I don't happen to have
	the password(s).

	Please, any hacker out there, post the password(s) so I we can
	watch the guards. Thank you very much.

> and the guards:
> The guards do have a better view, but their powers of observation
> are no longer exclusive.
	...yeah, 'better view'  is somewhat more accurate.

> Secrets that could once be kept until after their exposure could
> make no difference are now breaking open before the protected
> operations are completed:

	sorry, not bothering with pptx, whatever that is.

> CPunks will recall Cryptome's ongoing Eyeball series, and of
> course, the Total Poindexter Awareness project:  Early examples of
> open source intelligence collection /and/ reporting directed
> against the wardens of our modern Panopticon.  Today, projects
> like CopWatch are "watching the watchers" and reporting to an
> audience large enough to inconvenience our Panopticon's owners.
> In the last few days we have seen random nobodies manage to save
> and re-publish multiple eyewitness accounts of a staged
> 'terrorist' attack, directly contradicting the propaganda
> narrative the event was staged to support.
> The availability of more and better political intelligence
> formerly concealed from the public is growing exponentially.  

	Sorry, that's exponential bullshit.

> This
> is one of several drivers of fundamental change in large scale
> power relationships that is causing a panic among our present
> rulers.  The United States is preparing to put down major civil
> uprisings inside its own borders, 

	I'm guessint that the government having full access to all
	communications will come handy, don't you think?


> again in full view of interested
> members of the general public.
> I sometimes compare paranoid reactions to the "loss of privacy" in
> the networked world to mental telepathy:  The prospect of someone
> reading your mind is frightening, until it turns out that your own
> deeply held secrets are not special or unusual to a telepath who
> has already "seen it all" and has /far/ worse examples to compare
> your most heinous and embarrassing inner thoughts and motivations
> to.

	Sorry, that's not the point at all? The problem with people
	reading your 'private' mail or your mind is that it that it
	enables them to attack you way more efficiently. 

	We are not talking about your neighbor reading your mail or
	your mind(none of his business anyway), we are talking about the
	sickest nazis on the planet doing it. 

	Surely you realize that's a bit problematic? 

> Old Farts have major problems wrapping their heads around the
> concept that a world where privacy is shrinking fast and expected
> to nearly disappear is a Good Thing. 

	How old are you? 

> People who grew up with the
> Interet, not so much.

	You want more age-based 'analysis'? The old farts you mentioned
	have raised generations of clueless young retards. 

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