Assange believes too late for any pervasive privacy

Shelley shelley at
Fri Dec 11 09:13:33 PST 2015

On December 11, 2015 9:00:54 AM Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:

> I sometimes compare paranoid reactions to the "loss of privacy" in
> the networked world to mental telepathy:  The prospect of someone
> reading your mind is frightening, until it turns out that your own
> deeply held secrets are not special or unusual to a telepath who
> has already "seen it all" and has /far/ worse examples to compare
> your most heinous and embarrassing inner thoughts and motivations
> to.

No.  Just because my private thoughts may not be considered special or out 
of the ordinary does not mean you or anyone else has the right to know what 
they are unless I give you permission.

Which leads to:

> Old Farts have major problems wrapping their heads around the
> concept that a world where privacy is shrinking fast and expected
> to nearly disappear is a Good Thing.  People who grew up with the
> Interet, not so much.

People who grew up with the Internet... Do you mean the vapid idiots who 
willingly post every detail of their entire fucking lives on Failbook and 
fart out every insignificant, nonsensical thought in 140 character-blocks 
of uselessness?

We, the Old Farts who helped build the place, wish you'd clean your room 
and take better care of things, or we'll be changing the locks.


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