Answered: Why Donald Trump needs to speak with Bill Gates Before 'shutting down the intertubz'?

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Thu Dec 10 13:56:40 PST 2015

Perhaps we could hope the Republicans change the rules to exlude Trump
from the debates, then he and Lawrence Lessig could part together?,_2016

In fact the main stream political parties are so samey these days,
Trump and Lessig probably have more in common with each other than
with either of the two main parties!?

One could be the other's wing man on a first round, then they could do
a two step swap for the next, like Putin and Medvedev.

Unless they'd need a party to actually obtain the presidency at all?
(I don't know how the US system works sorry.) In which case, Lessig
could join the Republican party just to work with/ support Trump - or
vice versa. With the theory being, any change is a good change at this

Anyone a hop or two away from either of these candidates to suggest
they party together?

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