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> 	What about Kropotkin and Bakunin - were they 'middle
> 	class'? =P

Great references thanks - I'll assume for the moment that you are
referring to Bakunin the anarchist and not Bakunin the Russian
football player :)

Extremely apropos for me. Thank you. I am slowly learning little bits
of history.

It's ironic given the potential for influence he could have had at
that time, that he refused the Education Ministry on his welcome back
from exile, to Russia in 1917 after the February Revolution. Who knows
- perhaps he was told he could not rewrite the school curriculum to
inculcate a base of anarchist ideals? But we don't know his mind and
considerations at that time.

Some succinct snippets (to me):
"His enthusiasm for the changes happening in the Russian Empire turned
to disappointment when the Bolsheviks seized power in the October
Revolution. "This buries the revolution," he said.[22] He thought that
the Bolsheviks had shown how the revolution was not to be made; by
authoritarian rather than libertarian methods.[22] He had spoken out
against authoritarian socialism in his writings (for example The
Conquest of Bread), making the prediction that any state founded on
these principles would most likely see its own breakup and the
restoration of capitalism.[citation needed]"

"Kropotkin did not deny the presence of competitive urges in humans,
but did not see them as the driving force of history (as did
capitalists and social Darwinists).[39]:262 He did believe that at
times seeking out conflict proved socially beneficial, but only during
attempts to destroy unjust, authoritarian institutions such as the
State or the Church, which he saw as stifling human creativity and
freedom and impeding humans' instinctual drive towards sociality and

"With Mutual Aid especially, and later with Fields, Factories, and
Workshops, Kropotkin was able to move away from the absurdist
limitations of individual anarchism and no-laws anarchism that had
flourished during this period and provide instead a vision of communal

Now to read Wikipedia's Bakunin summary...

Thanks again,

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