Satoshi Hacked/Leaked/Hoaxed And Outed

juan juan.g71 at
Wed Dec 9 13:47:56 PST 2015

On Wed, 9 Dec 2015 08:21:15 -0800
Rayzer <Rayzer at> wrote:

> juan wrote:
> > The same guy who wants to overthrow the financial establishment
> What makes you think he wants to do that? 

	I should have written "supposedly wants", and yes, 'overthrow'
	is too strong I guess. But even assuming satoshi isn't too
	anti-establishment, direct cooperation with the
	police seems out of character?

> Bitcoin would be a great way
> for old-line criminal networks like the Maf to use the global banking
> system, another Maf, unencumbered.

	I'm not sure how that would work. At the moment the baking
	mafia does launder money for various criminals, but they do it
	secretly. I'm not sure how the fact that all bitcoin
	transactions are public and potentially traceable would help.

	On the other hand, if the banking mafia somehow 'adopted'
	bitcoin, then financial control and oppression would be greatly
	increased, since, again, all transactions are public.

> I've NEVER trusted the ethics of people involved in cyber-endeavors.
> They're 99% (# pulled from my ass) feudal (while referring to
> themselves falsely as anarchists), and middle class.

	Well, I partially share the feeling although I don't think
	there's something intrinsically wrong with private property and
	markets. What about Kropotkin and Bakunin - were they 'middle
	class'? =P 


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