The art of trolling at the highest political levels

dan at dan at
Mon Dec 7 20:36:09 PST 2015

 > Statesman, bare chested military strongman, international comedian.
 > Entertainment don't get much better than this.

When Donald Trump becomes President, he'll get along fine with Putin,
as presaged by this passage from a wonderful description of a life:
Blashford-Snell and Sgt Major David Taylor spent an evening with
some "Rastafarians from Wandsworth". He relates the events in his
book as follows.

  "You from the fuzz?" hissed a dreadlocked West Indian.

  "These guys is in the Army," said his pal.

  "What you do there?" spat the questioner, pushing his face
  closer to mine.

  "We kill people," said the sergeant major quietly.

  There was a short pause and then a roar of laughter. "That's
  great, man. Let's have a drink."


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