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> > I am not affiliated in any way - seems like a nice project
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> > Heres aarons moms tweet
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> > Only 3 days left to fund Kickstarter for "From DeadDrop to SecureDrop"
> Link to Trailer:
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> From my friend Lisa, sent few days ago...  <3
> ****
> Hope you are well! Been a long time :-)
> I'm making movies to teach the world more about Aaron Swartz and to help
> the public better understand whistleblowers and whistleblower upload
> systems.
> I wanted to let you know about my little Kickstarter campaign for a movie
> I am producing independently, "From DeadDrop to SecureDrop" - it's about
> "SecureDrop," an anonymous upload system for whistleblowers that Aaron
> prototyped with Kevin Poulsen, one month before his death, that connects
> directly to news organizations (such as the Washington Post, Forbes, and
> The New Yorker):
> Here's a Tweet about it, if you're short on time:
> Please help fund "From DeadDrop to SecureDrop" and help more potential
> Whistleblowers learn about @SecureDrop
> I'm including a description of the project below! It's only going on for 4
> more days, and I only have about $5,000 of the $20,000 I'm trying to raise,
> so any help -- or also Tweets and social media love would be greatly
> appreciated!
> Thanks! :)
> Much love,
> lisa
> The film is entitled "From DeadDrop to SecureDrop," and provides a
> historical account of how the "SecureDrop" open source anonymous
> whistleblowing submission platform was originally prototyped by Kevin
> Poulsen and Aaron Swartz, and later, after Aaron's death, how it made its
> way its current home at the Freedom of the Press Foundation.
> People in the film (so far) include: Wired's Kevin Poulsen (how he was
> inspired by WikiLeaks and then convinced Aaron to work with him on the
> project), Trevor Timm and John Perry Barlow (of the Freedom of the Press
> Foundation), who sought out the DeadDrop prototype, Garrett Robinson
> (SecureDrop's current Development Lead) and Bill Budington (an EFF engineer
> who worked directly on the early codebase), and some influential figures
> familiar with the issues, such as Brewster Kahle (Founder of the Internet
> Archive and co-founder, with myself, of Aaron Swartz Day) and Cindy Cohn
> (Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation). I also
> interviewed Virgil Griffith (Tor2Web and Wikiscanner), as he and Aaron were
> good friends and worked on Tor2Web together.
> Jacob Applebaum has agreed to be interviewed for the film. (Besides being
> a WikiLeaks volunteer, he was good friends with Aaron.) Also, Sarah
> Harrison, who stood by Edward Snowden's side in Hong Kong and the Moscow
> airport, and assisted with getting him safe asylum in Russia, has agreed to
> be in the film!
> After learning more about whistleblower Chelsea Manning (in the course of
> my preparing to read her statement during my live Aaron Swartz Day event)
> video: statement:
> I came to realize that the film really needs to expand beyond the subject
> of the SecureDrop technology itself, to attempt to explain *why* these
> whistleblowers might decide to use WikiLeaks or SecureDrop to expose
> corruption in the first place: To inform the public and make the world a
> better place. I realize this sounds simple and obvious, but I don't think
> that most people are actually aware of this. Here's a post explaining how
> Ed Snowden chose the Constitution over a Non-Disclosure agreement, when he
> decided to blow the whistle:
> A third theme of the movie deals directly with an observation made by more
> than one of the people I interviewed for the film, about how SecureDrop
> will "help the next Ed Snowden" communicate with Journalists safely (so no
> one will have to go through what he went through, just to get a story out).
> The film suggests that SecureDrop could potentially usher in a new
> generation of whistleblower: One that won't necessarily have to put their
> whole life at risk, in order to "do the right thing."
> Lisa Rein
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