[Cryptography] Cryptography is not a science currently

Ryan Carboni ryacko at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 07:46:41 PST 2015

> There is a long history of corruption in the US. And the FBI and NSA were
> certainly not immune. The abuse of the FBI to pursue Hoover's racist
> political agenda, LOVEINT, etc.

People talk badly about Hoover, but never about the CIA? Given the powers
of the FBI, Hoover was nothing like L. Ron Hubbard, Nixon, or Beria. The
CIA on the other hand.... stole a hard drive.
This year. Hoover's FBI constantly talked about discretion, and people even
wrote to Hoover! Some villain he is. He even blackmailed the elites, which
is pretty terrible. Strange that a senile war criminal like Ronald Reagan
is more admired than J. Edgar Hoover, true American hero.

 I assume Google now encrypts everything everywhere inside the corporation.

Excellent, except why didn't all the targets in Prism join all at the same
time?  I guess each corporation's plaintext are just that hard to crack,
they had to work a year per company to break their plaintext. Maybe instead
of encryption they should change their plaintext encoding? Maybe for
additional security everyone should proprietary plaintext?

So when the Snowden papers came out 20 years later they suddenly realized
> that the technology had moved on and it would be very easy to send much of
> Fort Meade dark.

Snowden isn't such a big deal.
Maybe no one cares about Nicholas Merril and his fight against a national
security letter.
Maybe no one cares about Mark Klein, or that Congress gave retroactive
immunity to telecommunications providers in cooperating with the government.
Maybe no one cares that Theo de Raadt lost a DARPA grant for criticizing
the Iraq war.
Maybe no one cares...

Why am I wasting my time? There are thousands of events that transpired
before Snowden, and Snowden is a big deal? How is he a big deal? If you
didn't know the NSA was spying on everyone before Snowden, you're a moron
or a shill. There's no respectful way to get this point across, it's
abundantly clear to anyone with half a brain and pays attention to anything
that this is all public knowledge. To pretend that there was some big
secret before Snowden is ridiculous. The only interesting new bit of
knowledge in 2013 was parallel construction. I had no idea that the federal
government was */that/* crooked.
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