Cryprocontracts hackathon 1-5 Dec online peepshow style

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 >From: ksenia serova <tigrutigru at>
>There was a lot of digital ink spilled over the topic of smartcontracts. If anyone is interested to have a look at them contracts (in Solidity)> being built and deployed to the chain live - there is an online smartcontracts hackathon here for the next 5 days.
>People usually use npm packages to compile and web3 package to send a contract to the chain via http rpc or lpc socket. In this case> it is a bit of a smartcontract peepshow -each team IDE is open for viewers. Will be interesting to see what comes out of it, and what> challenges people are actually experiencing etc. The registration stays open towards the end, if anyone wants to give it a go.
Blast from the past, see older message below by Zenaan Harkness.
But my question is, "Will this system allow a 'Well-funded, anonymous unlimited prediction market" to exist?
You know, the kind where people could make bets predicting the death of whoever they'd like to name.  What is given the name, "WUMPA markets".  A prediction which cannot be vetoed by the operators of some system, say the owners of Ethereum or Augur.  I suggest that's what the world is waiting for.
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      - Nov 3 at 3:25 PM

On 11/3/15, jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:
> a little caution is still in order.  Perhaps we should call them
> "Well-funded anonymous unlimited prediction markets."WUMPA markets. At least it's pronounceable.
Well-funded Unlimited Markets for Prediction Anonymously

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