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Tue Dec 1 10:41:25 PST 2015

On Mon, 30 Nov 2015 23:22:09 -0800
Ryan Carboni <ryacko at> wrote:

> There exists distributed search engines if you are truly paranoid.
> Duckduckgo's search model is different yes, but right now Bing is
> paying me $5 a month in Amazon gift cards to use their search engine,
> and Google's algorithm is amazing.

	LMAO! google used to be *slightly* better than the 'competition'
	- now it's garbage. 

	As a funny side note, gmail's spam filter incorrectly tags
	something like 5% of tor-talk messages as spam. The address
	tor-talk at is a legit address, the addresses
	of the messages are legit, I've manually marked  more than a
	100 messages as NOT SPAM and yet the stupid google cunts can't
	'learn' that they are getting it wrong. 

	It's interesting that such an 'information technology' company
	is worth billions of billions and rules the universe....

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