Normalized Spying is a Exculpatory Cover-Up

John Young jya at
Mon Dec 21 04:04:34 PST 2015

Assange's claim spying is normalized merely parrots spies' long-advanced
propaganda which in turn parrots normalized siphoning, stealing and monetizing
information legitimated by nations, corporations, entrepreneurs, inventors,
criminal orgs, leak sites, media, archives, scholars, religions, "info freedom
fighters." Cpunk Dan Geer has elaborated on this, but hardly alone, like many,
like Assange, it's his job and future.

Assange knows that leaking is theft, as Geer knows spying is, just 
like hacking,
encryption, privacy, anonymization, aggregation, among other lucrative

Spy agencies (and universities, especially law and business schools) have
long taught the skills and practices of thievery, glorified in doctrinaire
justifications and immensely malleable laws.

NSA is funding dozens of universities to train digital thieves and crooks,
just like The Farm and military academies train villains to do dirty, 
work with impunity (unless kidnapped and beheaded, tortured and
disappeared, shot down and AK'd at home).

Corporations and NGOs hire these civilian and ex-spy-mil professional
villains to do evil and propagate legitimizing propaganda, advocate weak
crypto, false anonymity, and ludicrous privacy, run leak sites and secure
drops to encourage ambitious, gullible, avaricious participants like Manning
and Snowden to siphon and ravage, following the ignoble example of
nations cum global cartels cum freedom of the press and religion which
establish mutually beneficial exclusive treaties to ravage the less

Assange is right to cite normalized spying and leaking as a cloak to
excuse much worse. In that he is as normalized as we indignant
villains blaming competitors for what we pretend to regret having to
do with such pleasure.

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