Fwd: Switzerland will have a referendum on whether to stop private banks from creating money out of thin air.

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As timely as it gets. Go the Swiss!!

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Subject: Switzerland will have a referendum on whether to stop private
banks from creating money out of thin air.

Re: Switzerland ... to stop banks from creating money
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Subject: Fwd: Switzerland ... to stop banks from creating money

Thought this would be of interest to you Brain....

Best wishes

Betty Luks

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Date: 9 December 2015 9:03:46 PM ACDT
Subject: Switzerland ... to stop private banks from creating money out
of nothing - thin air - and then lending it out as an
interesting-bearing debt!

Switzerland will have a referendum on whether to stop private banks
from creating money out of thin air.


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The Swiss population will be the first in the world to vote on their
banking and money system, thanks to the tireless efforts of our sister
organisation Modernizing Money <http://www.vollgeld-initiative.ch/>

The campaign, which has involved over 100 activists collecting
signatures, gathered 111,819 signatures to have a referendum on
removing the power that banks currently have to create money when they
make loans. They made it within 18 months, which under Swiss law
results in a referendum.
On Tuesday 1st December

Positive Money's director Fran Boait and the coordinator of the
international movement for monetary reform Stan were in Switzerland at
the invitation of the MoMo to officially hand in the petition with all
the signatures to the Swiss Parliament.

This was a great day for the monetary reform movement. Some of the
other members of the International movement and also NEF joined the
MoMo in Switzerland to celebrate handing in the petition and to begin
planning a strategy for the referendum.

Here you can view the video of the hand-in (although the commentary is
available only in German):

The Financial Times has reported about it in an article entitled "A
licence to print e-money for private banks"
 by Martin Sandbu:

But what if ordinary joes like you and me cotton on to this scam

What scam?

That private banks just create money at will.

You mean you agree with this Swiss initiative now?

How could I not? If banks can just print electronic money, that's just
as destabilising as printing notes freely.

It's a really great article. You can read it in full here

One of our twitter followers have commented on it with the words:

Duncan McCann, researcher on Economy and Finance from NEF was there at
the hand-in of signatures as well and has written an article about it
which you can read here

Although the battle to get the Swiss parliament to acknowledge the
current problems with the Swiss monetary system will be hard, the
referendum offers perhaps the greatest opportunity we've seen in
Europe for a fundamental rethink of the current monetary system and a
genuine debate about the future of economics. Economist Steve Keen
added that "whatever the outcome of this proposal, the debate it will
allow over our monetary system is one that we have to have".

Please share this
 to help us support this campaign.


Un banquier suisse, votre serviteur,  explique en 3 minutes l'arnaque
de la création monétaire, avec le Canada comme exemple.

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François de Siebenthal
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