Wired Outs Satoshi?

Mike Duvos mpd at wolf359.net
Tue Dec 8 22:49:59 PST 2015

"In the last weeks, WIRED has obtained the strongest evidence yet of
Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity. The signs point to Craig Steven
Wright, a man who never even made it onto any Nakamoto hunters’ public
list of candidates, yet fits the cryptocurrency creator’s profile in
nearly every detail. And despite a massive trove of evidence, we still
can’t say with absolute certainty that the mystery is solved. But two
possibilities outweigh all others: Either Wright invented bitcoin, or
he’s a brilliant hoaxer who very badly wants us to believe he did."


Previous candidates include Newsweek's expose on Dorian Nakamoto, and
the suggestion that our own Nick Szabo is the guilty party.

In other news, I just got one of the lovely new Bitcoin VISA Debit
Cards put out by Shift.  I can now spend my Bitcoins at 38 million
merchants worldwide.

Science marches on.

Mike Duvos
mpd at wolf359.net

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