Brief history lesson on Islam - Fwd: ALA Senate candidate Bernard Gaynor struts his stuff in a powerful speech.

Zenaan Harkness
Mon Nov 30 22:41:13 PST 2015

On 12/1/15, rysiek <> wrote:
> Dnia poniedziaƂek, 30 listopada 2015 21:56:06 rysiek pisze:
>> Funny, that.
>> Sounds eerily similar to what US Republicans (and many Democrats) would
>> say.
>> I didn't know you're a fan, Zenaan!
> Come to think about it, it's interesting how not long after Russia goes to
> "war against ISIS", you seem to develop a strong islamophobia. :)

It's a random violence phobia, and my government having no strategy to
handle immigrants who might, or at least those who subsequently do
some random violent act. Random violence done by those born here is
another matter again.

I don't know that it's relevant, but my position goes way back - and
if it were truly relevant I could demonstrate that - but is it? What
is relevant or useful? Perhaps my ability to communicate my position
is (hopefully) improving over time.


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