Reinventing the Wheel

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Better, "Bounty Collection as a Service", where sites can contract you to watch the contract space and notify them of bounties worth collecting for themselves. :)

On 25 August 2015 07:53:15 GMT+01:00, Steve Kinney <admin at> wrote:
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>On 08/25/2015 01:32 AM, jim bell wrote:
>> That technology is known as smart contracts—small computer
>> programs that can do things like execute financial trades or
>> notarize documents in a legal agreement. Intended to take the
>> place of third-party human administrators such as lawyers,
>> which are required in many deals and agreements, they can
>> verify information and hold or use funds using similar
>> cryptography to that which underpins Bitcoin.
>> One example is a contract offering a cryptocurrency reward for 
>> hacking a particular website. Ethereum’s programming language
>> makes it possible for the contract to control the promised
>> funds. It will release them only to someone who provides proof
>> of having carried out the job, in the form of a
>> cryptographically verifiable string added to the defaced site.
>> Contracts with a similar design could be used to commission
>> many kinds of crime, say the researchers. Most provocatively,
>> they outline a version designed to arrange the assassination of
>> a public figure. A person wishing to claim the bounty would
>> have to send information such as the time and place of the
>> killing in advance. The contract would pay out after verifying
>> that those details had appeared in several trusted news
>> sources, such as news wires. A similar approach could be used
>> for lesser physical crimes, such as high-profile vandalism.
>My first thought:  What's to prevent the markets for contract hits
>on websites and public figures from being monitored by potential
>victims, and the bounties stolen by 'anonymous' parties, a.k.a.
>the proposed victims themselves, by simulating the trigger
>conditions for payouts?
>Really unpopular people could anonymously crowdfund actions
>against themselves then collect the loot, a nearly perfect crime.
>Ultimately, human judgment must have veto power over the automated
>decision processes - which would void the concept of an
>impersonal, automated payout process, bringing the reinvented
>wheel full circle.
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