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Dnia poniedziałek, 17 sierpnia 2015 22:39:26 Zenaan Harkness pisze:
> I view the Australia of today as that of pre-war Nazi Germany;  the
> truth is 'verboten' (forbidden).  Political correctness rules the
> roost, truth suppressed.  When the absolutes of right and wrong, truth
> and lies are abolished, usurped by political correctness, there is no
> future for this country.  Politically enforced Multiculturalism will
> be the means to its demise.  When Christianity is replaced by the evil
> philosophy of 'Humanism", emanating from the equally evil United
> Nations, normality will also be replaced by abnormality.

AHAHahahaha ahahahah haha haha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaah oooooh woow nope.

Godwin straight off the bat, and what a glorious one!

Comparing "political correctness" (not a big fan either, but for wholly 
different reasons) to propaganda and censorship of Nazi Germany, which were 
both hell-bent on smearing of (propaganda) or denying acknowledgement to 
(censorship) Jews, Slavs, homosexuals, basically anybody that can be labelled 

Claiming "humanism" and "multicultiralism" as the evil behind Nazi atrocities, 
while indeed these were directed directly against multiculturalism and 

Claiming Christianity as the solution, while indeed "Gott mit uns" was the 
rallying cry of Nazi war machine?

I'd give it 2/10, try harder.

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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