Recommended Movie: "Sebastian" 1968.

Peter Fairbrother peter at
Tue Aug 18 00:50:40 PDT 2015

On 18/08/15 03:46, jim bell wrote:
> Since people seem to be recommending things, I recommend the movie
> "Sebastian".   Dirk Bogarde, Susannah York.
> Out of date even when it was made, I think it really represents the
> cryptography situation as of the 1930's.

Based on a screenplay by Leo Marks - author of Between Silk and Cyanide: 
A Codemaker's War 1941-1945.

Essential reading. Leo was the codemaker for SOE. All hand ciphers and 

He wasn't at Bletchley - who called him "the one who got away" - though, 
and so no machine ciphers.

The Silk in the title was for OTPs which could be hidden in clothing 
from Gestapo/SS searches.

As I said, essential reading.

-- Peter Fairbrother

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