Someone recommends the hacking TV series "Mr. Robot"

swalow swalow sswalow at
Mon Aug 17 04:50:51 PDT 2015

As usual it's in the grey zone. The big corporation the characters are
fighting against is huge and can afford to cover up its mistakes without
any repercussions. The corporation is doing stupid/bad things and hackers
decided to stop that nonsense( you'll see what stop means if you watch the
series ) It's interesting how even my non-techy friends like it.
I can't recommend it enough but you have to see for yourself. Watch the
pilot episode at least.
On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 05:53:30AM -0430, Damian Fossi wrote:
> I recommend it, I watch it every week. About the Hacking techniques, they
> are completely accurate.

I haven't watch it yet. "someone" agrees about the hacking techniques.

Might be wrong, but am sceptical that U$A would allow TV series
conveying anti-establishment/anti-bigcorp message (IMHO big TVs are
f.cked whores).

Without spoiling the plot of the series, do you find it "socially
correct" so far?
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