Privacy advocates resign over facial recognition plans

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i am not going to follow you around like a good little white maggot

shelley just what are you getting out of feeding the 'attention seeking'

fyi many threads i have had with my name in it on here made by people like
you to the point of banality

its not about me ... why do you need to try to make it about me?????

right shelley there is no white person no white culture no empire built by
whites no western european and american people that mass murdered enslaved
have stolen resources ...still do

the iraqi people japanese vietnamese loa panamanian on and on were not mass
murdered by western european and american people ... they didnt murder
every buffalo they could see so that my people would starve and pile the
dead buffullo up into hills and take selfies with the corpses... white
people is a construct of the real fascist racists > the people of color of
which i am not i am not native american in any way in my dreams i am but i
am a fanatical fuck ... people of other cultures are not assimilated by the
western mickey mouse culture children are not molested by white men
predominantly mass shootings in the us are not carried out by white men
ever there is no box anywhere on any form that says check this box if you
are 'white' judges in the us are not predominantly from western european
dissent ...capitalism is not fascist and you are not part of the problem

I was trolling the guy which you desire to make into something it is not

But listen - or dont - if you are under the darkness of thought that
cornell west is anyones saviour then you know nothing about capitalism or
the history of the struggle for instance mlk took his babies and lived in
chicago now you may know nothing of chicago which speaks volumes in and of
itself but mlk was tackling poverty which you also probably know nothing
about - i see no action by the academic west (ahha lol) that even pretends
to be at that level

Also leaders are now being understood as beyond problematic but you have no
working knowledge of these matters yet pretend you are somehow smart in
them - node based structure is the preferred model because they murder
leaders ... now who is they?

there is no they - white people have no dna tracers like me with my
delusional native american dna scam there are no constructs in society its
just an uncategorized blob & no person has been assimilated ever the dna
tracers of whites have no information in them there is no build there is no
planet its all a fantasy that you dont have to take responsibility for

please tell me all seeing eye shelley what words should i use to describe
and catagorize an entire sector of society global society that are
presently and historically cannibals? especially seeing how they dont want
to be categorized at all - they even eat categories when it doesnt reflect
what they want it to

white people have harness the imaginations of so many that people dont want
to engage the identity of their ancestors asking people what their dna
chain has in it if they are poc is a no no because it is 'racist' therefore
no one any longer has a race ... how convenient its so much easier to
assimilate the other if it is deluded into thinking it is not 'other'

living in berlin i came to know your kind 'the climate deniers' there are
some germans that can barely see and some that face the horror - whats the
difference ? it doesnt matter their consciousness ? your consciousness
doesnt matter ? they dont walk around saying what is german EVER they dont
say there is no german or germany they fucking face the schiesse which
makes a father fucking difference even though they themselves have been
devoured by capitalism of the super fascist kind

that you call out black lives matter people is repulsive and engages an
unspeakable horror

misanthrope indeed - life form that hates life please inform your self that
there is serious shit you do not know and you are a limited interface

information wants you to be free:

stuff white people do: white quotation of the week (bell hooks)


Jan 29, 2009 - bell hooks, a widely published cultural critic, educational
theorist and professor of English, is renowned for her work on the
interlocking, hierarchical dynamics of race, class, ....

The beauty of privilege is not having to notice it.

yoko ono:

'I did about five interviews yesterday because the documentary Imagine is
opening in Europe.... Anyway, I woke up this morning with this kind of pain
that I had never realized before. I said to myself, How dare they! Every
time I have an interview I am asked this question: "The world hated you.
You've been called the Dragon Lady for the past twenty years. How do you
feel about it? Why do you think that happened?" You know what that is like?
It's like somebody battering a woman and then saying, "All of us battered
you, but why do you think we did it?" I'm the one responsible for telling
them why I was battered? Well let them tell me. They're the ones who did
it. The other side of it was Asian-bashing--it was as simple as that.'


that you shelley think you can really informedly speak on critique or
otherwise have serious discourse on black do's and donts in radicalised
activism is the essence of why they struggle

On Aug 15, 2015 4:14 AM, "Shelley" <shelley at> wrote:

> You've never had to give someone some quiet time in a channel before?  It
> was a silence ban, not a total ban.  Not only did you not catch the joke,
> you didn't take the hint.
> So, here you go.  Your very own thread in Cari Machet land, where all
> "white" people are lazy (whatever "white" is), fascist and racist (I hope
> you're including yourself.)
> -S
> ----------
> On August 14, 2015 5:47:11 PM Cari Machet <carimachet at> wrote:
> getting us back on track subject wise ... now that is a joke
>> i dont think being a fascist has anything to do with cypherpunks
>> the desire to ban someone is not the structure of this space FOR REASONS
>> it
>> is open for structural reasons - philosophical reasons... ya know LOGIC
>> if the desire to ban people is

On Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 3:47 AM, Cari Machet <carimachet at> wrote:

> getting us back on track subject wise ... now that is a joke
> i dont think being a fascist has anything to do with cypherpunks
> the desire to ban someone is not the structure of this space FOR REASONS
> it is open for structural reasons - philosophical reasons... ya know LOGIC
> if the desire to ban people is inside you then you are engaging fascism
> when some people will die for others freedom its totally repulsive that
> you would even desire to ban someone from cypherpunks list
> somewhere inside you shelley you know this ... please engage in self
> critique - if i am so monstrous why read the words i write ? just disengage
> - take responsibility and disengage
> On Aug 14, 2015 9:38 AM, "Shelley" <shelley at> wrote:
>> On August 13, 2015 10:24:50 PM Peter Gutmann <pgut001 at>
>> wrote:
>> Shelley <shelley at> writes:
>>> >mode #cypherpunks +b ~q: carimachet at
>>> For procmail users, I've found that:
>>> :0
>>> * ^From: *carimachet
>>> /dev/null
>>> :0 B
>>> * Cari Machet
>>> /dev/null
>>> gets rid of most of it.
>>> Peter.
>> Yes, or I could add it to my sieve script.  Honestly, I was just trying
>> to get us back on track in a silly way.  Someone asked that we get back to
>> cypherpunk topics; I thought it was a mild & funny hint for her to do so.
>> -S

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