Privacy advocates resign over facial recognition plans

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> Me too.  Welcome to the club!

This all makes it sound like the Irish bit is above racism, a privileged 
"white person" class that's never had any negative discrimination.

Back in the golden days of the British Empire there were academic 
discussions on how the Irish constituted a different sub-species of 
lesser humanity. Racism hasn't always been about skin colour, and still 

Irish might have it somewhat easier today (but prejudices remain), but 
racism of all kinds, including anti-"white" (what the fuck is "White"? 
What the fuck is "Black"?), is just more of the same stupidity.

Newsflash; the genetic diversity within any given "racial" population 
you choose is *far* greater than the miniscule genetic differences that 
define the characteristics we call "race". There is no such thing as 
"race" except that which we create in our monkey heads.

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