Privacy advocates resign over facial recognition plans

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On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 2:31 PM, Cari Machet <carimachet at> wrote:

> some irish and NATIVE AMERICAN
Me too.  Welcome to the club!

> which means i super dont like white fuckers

Or neurotic self-hater???

> yes sometimes i am a dumb [...] fuck
Just sometimes?

> i am very racist
Well hey, at least you are open about it.  Admitting you have a problem is
the first step to fixing it...

> i really despise zion because of their fascism and mass murder based on
> race and dont understand that other people love zion - do you love zion?
Are you talking about an historical group or place?  Or do you mean Jews in
general?  The state of Israel?

I usually dislike the public policy of Israel.  But all the Jews I've
personally met have been nice to me, and I've gotten along well with them.
Draw your own conclusions.

engaging the frame of racism is fucked
Sure is!

> your little axiom about privilege wouldnt hold up in an ethical court ...
Thank the gods I'm not a rule-of-lawyers judicialist.  :)

> isnt everyone from the great state of imperialist fuckers known as the us
> of fucking a beyond privileged compared to the people that dont have
> potable water on the planet
I'm currently living somewhere one can't safely drink the tap water.  So I
agree, massive ongoing public investment in water infrastructure sure is a
nice thing!  But most people on the planet do have potable water to drink,
tho perhaps not as plentifully as in America.  Not that many people
worldwide are literally dying of thirst.


> and the people that dont have enough food on the planet and the people
> that are the others that dont have the right to even learn to read
Y'all gotta gets outta New Jack City once in a while.  That part of America
ya call "the flyover" is chock full o' people with horrific malnutrition
caused by the toxic industrial food system.

yes i am privileged i am literate
Good news: you may be overestimating your own privilege...
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